Urla Maritime Vocational School

Underwater Technology Program

Students of Underwater Technology program who take both practical and theoretical courses such as basic and advanced diving technics, diving and hyperbaric medicine, commercial underwater works in two years able to take “First Class Diver” proficiency without examination after completing their internship according to “Regulations of Professional Divers”. In addition, students qualify as “Hyperbaric Chamber Operator” if they do internship for at least two weeks. They also can obtain a bachelor’s degree by making a vertical transfer to Faculty of Fishery. Throughout the courses, our students have diving experience and knowledge by using Egederin dive boat, diving pool, high pressure breathing air compressors, various SCUBA equipment, lifting bags, underwater observation and communication systems, underwater cutting and welding equipment, surface supplied diving equipment, and various equipment which is used for underwater works.


What Commercial Divers Do?

* Underwater constructions * Pipe and cable laying * Port and pier constructions * Cathodic protection 
* Sewer diving * Inspection * Recovering lost objects * Ultrasonic measurements
* Measurements * Pollution monitoring * Aquarium diving * Aquaculture diving