Urla Maritime Vocational School


The training infrastructure that is currently at Urla Maritime Vocational School consist of ship bridge simulator, navigation laboratory, GMDSS simulator (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System), seamanship laboratory, fire training centre, survival at sea equipment, laboratory of safety and security at sea, meteorology laboratory, basic first aid and medical care laboratories.



Students of Underwater Technology Program improve their skills at sea with the aid of Egederin Diving Boat. In addition, they spend their time in the diving pool to learn underwater works in realistic open-water conditions. In our inventory,  surface supplied diving equipment (Helmets; KM-37 and KMBM-18, 2 x 100 m umbilical, a 2 Diver HP/LP control panel in a pelicase , 2 underwater communication system, 20 wet and semi dry diving suits, 20 regulators, 10 BCD, 8 dry suits, 1 high pressure air compressor with electric motor, 1 high pressure air compressor with petrol engine, 1 rectifier welding machine, 1 underwater cutting and welding equipment, 40 diving cylinders (10-12-15 l), 2 pure oxygen cylinders, 4 diving cylinder (50 l), 2 underwater scooters, 2 full-face masks, 2 lift bags, 1 inflatable boat and outboard engine, underwater observation systems, diving computers, compass and other diving equipment.


The infrastructure and facilities of the Faculty of Fisheries are used in the training of the Fisheries Program students.